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I am a strong woman of Faith.  It's central to my beliefs and decision making. Religious freedom and liberty should be defended.


Pro-Lower Taxes

While taxes are necessary to secure our state and provide services to citizens, Arkansans deserve to keep more of their own money.  People know best how to spend their own money. 


Pro-School Choice

Every child has a unique learning and educational style.  School choice allows the parents to decide on what is best of their child--not government.


Pro-Small Business

Small Businesses are the backbone of our communities.  Regulations, red tape and taxes should not hold businesses back.  These need to be reduced to support our small businesses and help them grow.


Pro-Law Enforcement

I am grateful to the men and women who protect us everyday: Police, Fire, EMS.  They should be supported and respected. 



Remembering and respecting our veterans is something I was taught and I have taught my children.  The price of freedom is very high. We are indebted to the men and women who have served and died to protect our country.  

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